Furniture and lighting lift John Lewis

JLPldDepartment store chain John Lewis enjoyed double digit increases in home categories last week.

Home ended the week ended 22 February 0.5% higher as the chain boosted total sales by 7.3% to £67.91m. Sales for the four week period were up 5.5%.

'Sales in Home closed up 0.5% driven, in part, through strong lighting sales, which were up 8.4%. Both living and dining, and beds and bedroom also had double-digit growth on the year,' says Dico Rocos, John Lewis operations director.

'The week provided a great end to the first trading period of the year, putting us in a good position for the year to come. New product is arriving daily, providing that pop of colour and intrigue to brighten our customers' days. As the clouds begin to part and we see that glimmer of sunshine, we know that spring is truly on its way and judging by this week, we are perfectly set for it.'