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Staff suspended by DFS after shopper’s claim he was laughed at over his appearance

Suleiman Al SadiDFS has suspended several staff at its Cribbs Causeway, Bristol store after a shopper complained that sales staff whistled and laughed at him over his appearance.

Suleiman Al-Sadi, an architecture and planning student at the University of the West of England at Bristol, said he was looking to buy a sofa for his new house but was ‘horrified’ when ‘five sales guys’ joked about his ‘camp’ appearance (pictured as he said he was dressed at the store last Tuesday).
He said one of them said they ‘should probably take him to look around the beds’.
‘I was shocked, confused, horrified. A couple of them started whistling. I felt like I'd stepped back into the 1970s. They were trying to taunt me. It was making fun and jokes of my appearance. They didn't take me seriously,’ he said.
DFS suspended staff after Al-Sadi complained. It said it was ‘taking it extremely seriously.
‘We have apologised to the customer for any unintentional distress caused and remain in regular dialogue with him as we look into the issue further. Following the complaint, a formal investigation is under way and several employees have been suspended pending completion of the investigation. Should anyone be found to have breached our standards, further disciplinary action will be taken.’
Image: Suleiman Al-Sadi