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Transport & logistics group secures major contract with furniture giant

DXfrieghtDX has announced that it has agreed a major new Contract with IKEA to provide a bespoke logistics solution for customer deliveries.

The company already provides IKEA with a bespoke logistics solution to support IKEA’s Online sales in two regions and its store business in Reading. The company will now support IKEA’s sales across seven additional stores. This will the take the total value of the company’s contracted logistics work for IKEA to approximately £19m per annum.

Stuart Godman, managing director of DX Freight, said: “We are delighted to have expanded and extended the services that we provide to IKEA. This contract is further evidence of DX Logistics’ ability to deliver high volumes to an exacting standard, and we look forward to continuing to deliver an excellent service to IKEA and all our customers.”