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Recycling opportunities leap

carpetrecyclingOpportunities for consumers to recycle their carpet have leapt according to new research, with the number of local authorities collecting carpets at household waste recycling centres trebling.

According to Carpet Recycling UK the number of councils collecting carpets has jumped to 45 in the past 18 months. It says that more than 200 HWRCs are now involved in segregating carpets, giving more than seven million households the opportunity to recycle their carpets.

The average household carpet disposal rate is 6.7kg a year, with a range from 3.8kg to 9.6kg dependant on catchment area size plus length of time collections have been established. Collection levels are higher in the more densely populated areas.

Carpet Recycling UK says the research will be used to help more local authorities engage in collecting carpets, increasing their site recovery rates and saving raw materials for reuse or primary fuel replacement.