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Jarrolds looks to store cluster

GranaryNorwich department store Jarrolds is considering creating a cluster of small stores in Norwich city centre with a feel very different from national chains.

Peter Mitchell, Jarrolds group md says the retailer was looking to strengthen its position around its flagship Exchange Street store with openings concentrated on the Lanes quarter.

The move could see existing concessions moved or the opening of individual furniture stores – it already operates The Granary contemporary furniture outlet.

'The retail business is based around the flagship store,' he told the Easter Daily Press. 'It's not impossible, but I think it's unlikely we are going to open another full size department store. This is a lovely part of the city. We are very pleased with how the Granary has traded. It's slightly tucked away on Bedford Street. It needs interesting shops around it to attract people to the area. I think there is an opportunity for more of that type of business.

'We are always looking for ways to grow. That's something we will do more of – building up our cluster. It needs to be interesting and entertaining and something different and more of a destination, something perhaps you would come to once or twice a year, but a store that you look forward to visiting.

'If you are looking for sales growth, sometimes you can sometimes achieve that by shuffling the deck. I think there are more opportunities in furniture. I think if there are two or three Granary buildings next to each other you could fill them with individual collections of furniture in far more interesting settings for people to look at than on industrial sites.'