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Have your say on Timber Regulation

DeforestationFIRA is to host a discussion on the EU Timber Regulation as part of an EU review into the two-year old rules.

Since March 2013, the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) has prohibited placing illegally harvested timber and timber products onto the EU market. The EUTR prohibits the sale of illegal timber and timber products in the EU and establishes the obligations for organisations to exercise due diligence when 'first placing' timber and products such as wooden furniture onto the market.
The EUTR also requires companies to maintain records to enable supply chain traceability. Currently, a variety of timber products including sawn and machined wood, composite boards such as fibreboard, particleboard and plywood and veneering sheets together with non-upholstered office, kitchen and bedroom furniture are included in the scope of EUTR.
The European Commission has announced a consultation on the evaluation of the EUTR, two years after its implementation. In response to this, FIRA’s EUTR Consultants will be holding an interactive event where they will gain and collect feedback from stakeholders of the UK furniture industry on the effectiveness of the regulation by encouraging participants to share their experiences and views on the implementation of the EUTR over the first two years. Key information on the current developments with regards to the application and policing of EUTR in the UK and Europe will also be presented by several speakers.
The event will be held at FIRA’s head office in Stevenage on 25 June between 1-4pm.