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Sleeping: a bargain

SealyPadova 2200Consumers should re-evaluate what they think about the cost of a bed, with it being much cheaper than many everyday purchases, according to one manufacturer.

Sealy says that if consumers spent £750 on a bed it would mean each sleep would be just under 26p, but just 13% of people spend that much according to Mintel research.
In comparison UK workers spend £7 a day buying lunch (£1,840 a year) and the equivalent of £5.70 a day on eating out (£4,166 a year).
Every day they spend £2.15 on alcohol (£787 a year) and £1.26 on lottery tickets and scratch cards (£416 a year) and £1.08 on coffee (£397 a year).
‘A bed is one of the larger one-off household expenses that people face, and the initial price can put many consumers off, who often decide to hang on to their existing bed far longer than it is appropriate. This can result in aches and pains, as the mattress no longer supports the sleeper’s weight. However, we hope that by viewing this on a cost-per-sleep basis against other purchases, this is put into context. Scrimping when it comes to a bed really is a false economy,’ says Neil Robinson, Sealy sales and marketing director.