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Softness is key to carpet buying for shoppers

CarpetSoftness is the most important aspect for shoppers when buying a carpet, with how it looks relatively unimportant.

In an online survey of 1,006 people for United Carpets, consumers were asked what they considered to be the most important quality in a carpet.
Over a third (34.8%) of respondents cited ‘softness’ as their preferred attribute, an answer that was unanimous across all age groups.
‘Ease of cleaning’ was considered important by 22.1% of the public, while just over one in five (20.2%) said ‘warmth’ was a crucial factor.
Aesthetics only interested 12.8% of respondents, highlighting that comfort and practicality are of higher importance than design to many carpet buyers. ‘Noise reduction’ was also a consideration, drawing in 8.6% of the votes.
Softness was of particular importance to younger age groups, with 41.9% of 18–24 year olds specifying it as their top answer.
The 55–64 age bracket put a high emphasis on cleaning, suggesting that low maintenance is a desirable quality amongst older buyers.
Of all the age groups, aesthetics appealed most to the 45—54 age group, arguably the group most likely to have more disposable income.