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Carpetright reveals gender pay gap

Carpetright has revealed its gender pay gap, saying it is well below that of the retail sector, and would be significantly lower if only sales staff were counted.

The group said it had a mean gender pay gap of 8.1% and a median gap of 6.5%. This compares with respective retail averages of 16% and 9.3% and national averages of 17.4% and 18.4%.

It said the gap is largely due to employing significantly more men than women (75% of its UK 2,742 staff are male); having fewer females at the most senior level (one of six of directors are women along with a quarter of its executive committee), and a larger proportion of female staff work part-time (35% compared with 13%).

However it says that the gap would fall to 3% if the figures only included sales staff.

The bonus pay gap is significantly higher at 40.7% mean and 47.3% median. Commission is the biggest factor in this: while every member of sales staff is entitled to the same level of commission, the amount they earn varies depending on individual performance and hours worked. ‘With 35% of our female colleagues working part-time, it follows that women are earning less in total commissions,’ it said. Some 92% of men received a bonus compared to 89% of women, however all staff had the opportunity to earn bonus or commission.

‘We take equality seriously at Carpetright and are pleased to report gender pay gap figures which are well-below the national and retail average. With a historically male-dominated business, gender is a real focus for us and we’re working hard to attract more female colleagues into the company. Additionally, we are confident we have no issues of equal pay, and we are focused on reducing the gap further,’ said Wilf Walsh, Carpetright ceo.

The employment details are based on those employed on 5 April 2017.

In the year to 29 April 2017, Walsh and Neil Page, cfo – the chain's two executive directors – asked for no change in their basic salaries of £459,000 and £300,000 respectively (excluding benefits, pensions, and long-term incentives of £337,000 and £200,000 respectively) and neither was entitled to a bonus.