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Domotex looks to create and connect for 2019

Domotex will adopt the theme of Create’N’Connect for the 2019 show, while more than half of the exhibition’s space has been sold.

‘The theme refers to today’s connectivity megatrend. Connectivity is affecting every aspect of how we live, work and interact. Technology and digital change are accelerating this development, and new cultural patterns and habits are manifesting themselves in new approaches to how things are designed,’ explained show organiser Deutsche Messe.

‘The theme of connectedness also has strong symbolic and emotional aspects. With their numerous design options, floors play an important role here: They provide the very foundation for the rooms in which we live and work. We are in constant contact with floors and flooring, and are consciously or subliminally always aware of what is beneath our feet. Floors are integral design elements. They inspire us, give us orientation and set the stage for human interaction.’

Once again in 2019, exhibitors and creative designers are invited to participate in the special Framing Trends showcase where they can show off their innovative products and designs. Registrations are now being taken. Companies from the flooring industry are invited to stage extraordinary product presentations as part of Flooring Spaces, where the connectivity lead theme will receive major emphasis.

Domotex takes place from 11-14 January.