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S-Range is reissued 58 years on

An iconic furniture range by legendary designers John and Sylvia Reid, who designed the Minstrel range for Stag, is being reissued thanks to a collaboration between their son and the son of the original manufacturer.

Some of the most enduring elements of John and Sylvia's legacy remain in the furniture they designed for Stag between 1953 and 1963 − highly crafted, stylish, ergonomic pieces, which are still highly sought after today.

Dominic Reid and Nicholas Radford recognised the opportunity posed by the resurgence and popularity of modernist pieces.

‘It is an irony that the popularity of my parent's designs has remained relevant and sought after, yet their name and contribution to the British mid-century canon remains largely unrecognised and unacknowledged. In a great example of convergent thinking, Nicholas contacted me to propose the idea of a re-issue, at exactly the same time I had been thinking over the idea due to interest and the market for mid-century items,’ said Dominic.

‘After conversations with my mother, who is now 93, Nicholas and I decided that the first John and Sylvia design to be re-issued should be the S-Range of dining and living furniture.

‘Way ahead of its time, the S-Range looks as stylish and cutting edge today as it did then, and it is our aim that this re-issue will promote a re-discovery and renewed appreciation for my parents' work.’

‘The S-Range is an extremely important collection, and we wanted to do more than just design a range based on the originals. We wanted to recreate the original pieces, using the original design. So with Dominic's involvement and his parents' designs, we have recreated the pieces to near identical specifications. The integrity of the range is personally important to both of our families, so we are very excited by this reissue’ said Radford, Nathan Furniture owner.

‘My mother is delighted that Nicholas and I have joined forces to 
reissue her and my father's designs and make them available to today's public. The S-Range was simply a great modernist design which by definition has stood the test of time,’ said Dominic.

The original collaboration between John and Sylvia Reid and the Radfords sparked the beginning of a lifelong friendship between both families, with the Reids becoming godparents to Nicholas' brother.

Some 13 pieces have been recreated, using the same materials including teak veneers, beech interiors and brushed satin nickel legs.

‘We were trained to look at everything from a design point of view. We thought carefully about how everything was made and about it being practical to live with,’ said Sylvia.