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Ordorite: Changing the world of furniture retail

Ordorite to launch Grow Hub at January Furniture Show.

In the always changing landscape of brick-and-mortar and online retail stores, it’s now more important than ever to communicate with your existing and prospective customers. In order to support this changing landscape, Ordorite are delighted to launch Grow Hub, an innovating new way to get your customers back in store, with the end goal of increasing your turnover.

Grow Hub uses a digital science approach to show who has not come into the store in a given timeframe, and prompts you to follow up and send personalised messaging via SMS, email, or newsletter to those customers. The system will provide you with industry guided material based on customer trends. Vouchers and loyalty schemes will also be available to entice customers back in. This powerful hub will give you key performance indicators such as the amount of turnover generated, number of quotes converted from a campaign or follow up, and customer data of whom has shown interest in your brand.