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Time for ZZZzzzzzzz

PenguinSleepTalesThe Sleep Council has collaborated with Penguin Random House to help develop a range of ‘Sleep Tales’, designed to help people relax before bedtime.

The 10 audio tales are part soundscape, part descriptive narrative, with relaxing sounds and soothing, slow voices to get people into the right frame of mind for sleep. Each is 15 minutes long and a sleep timer can be set for any duration with no need to return to the screen. Themes include ‘Wakarango Mai’ set in New Zealand’s hot springs at Lake Taupo, and the tropical paradise of ‘Hammock on a Distant Shore’.

‘We were approached by Penguin to collaborate on this project and we were delighted to get involved and offer advice around what sort of tone and feel the tales should have, the narrative voice as well as overall feedback on the overall story content,’ says Lisa Artis, The Sleep Council head.

‘It was important to get the message across that these weren’t a traditional story – with a beginning, middle and end – but are a tool to be used as part of the wind down bedtime routine to get people to switch off and relax. The stories drew on our own research from 2014 into sounds that helped people wind down such as waves lapping on a shore, soft rainfall and birdsong.’