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LVT added to inflation basket as Wilton drops out

Karndean GoldenBrushedOak HallwayKitchen LS3 CMLVT has been added to the group of products used to calculate inflation.

The Office for National Statistics added the flooring to the list of more than 700 products it monitors the price of.

‘The hard flooring consumer market has moved towards LVT and laminate flooring now tends to represent the shrinking, budget end of the market.  LVT is widely available and anecdotal evidence supports its popularity,’ says ONS.

Wilton and Axminster carpets have been removed from the list, with ONS saying it has become a contract sector product.

‘Removed from the basket since research and anecdotal evidence from retailers has indicated that this type of carpet is used mainly in commercial premises now. The loss of one of the industry’s main manufacturers has also affected availability and coverage levels (the number of price quotes collected each month) have fallen.’

Image: Karndean.