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Sofas & Stuff beats Eco Pledge bottle target

SofasStuff AlwintonUpholstery chain Sofas & Stuff has beaten its Eco Pledge on preventing plastic bottles entering the seas.

The retailer says it has surpassed its target of stopping one million bottles reaching the oceans this year and has prevented 2,808,000 bottles reaching seas since October 2020.

The Eco Pledge offers customers the option of Quallofil Blue cushions made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, as it's estimated that 50% of every cushion is made from 200 ocean-bound plastic bottles.

Working in partnership with Plastic Bank and Advansa, the aim of this part of the ledge is to reduce plastic pollution, and help support marine habitats, oceans and surrounding communities. As well as working to reduce ocean plastic, Plastic Bank helps support coastal communities by encouraging them to collect plastic waste in exchange for a source of income. Local residents can exchange collected plastic for cash rewards, school tuition, healthcare, insurance, or Blockchain-secured digital tokens, all of which will go towards helping improve their future prospects and overall quality of life.

Once collected, the plastic is washed, dried and crushed, before being manufactured by Advansa and turned into Quallofil Blue Eco filling fibres.