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Visionnaire makes diplomatic move in London

Visionnaire Chelsea 42 croppedVisionnaire has become the latest overseas brand to open a London showroom.

The Italian company has opened the space, dubbed the Embassy, at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, reflecting the design of its flagship stores.

The space has five roomsets on display, from bedroom to and home office and living room.

‘The ten foundation values of the brand seem to interwine and alternate in every creation here in London. The space has been organised as a true dwelling: the rooms, with walls with rounded corners, display the furnishings along a specific architectural pathway. The walls alternate ribbed wood and fabric wallcoverings with early 20th-century floral decorations and pastel shades of sage green, to expand the perception of the space, making it dynamic and organic,’ says Eleonore Cavalli, Visionnaire co-founder and art director.

‘London is one of the cities with the highest buying power on earth with a million people working in the creative sectors and a thousand design studios that focus on major real estate developments, from the Arabian countries to the Far East, Europe to the United States. In this context, Visionnaire, with its one of a kind Home Philosophy, stands out as an ideal partner, not just for residential projects but also for soft contract applications such as hotels and yachting,’ says Leopoldo Cavalli, Visionnaire ceo and co-founder.