Unique balance

Elise Bylo on why coordination is vital when combining differing styles

Moduleo’s roots are in high-quality and exciting luxury vinyl flooring that has always been designed and made in Belgium. And with the company’s latest Roots collection, that’s exactly what homes get: floors that bring design creativity and freedom in Belgian-made luxury vinyl planks and tiles.

‘I’m in love with good design and it’s a joy to share this passion in the floors we’ve created for the Moduleo Roots collection,’ says Elise Bylo, Moduleo design manager. 

‘The beauty of luxury vinyl is it lets you explore the tactility and emotional response to all kinds of surfaces and bring them together in a way that’s cohesive and lets homes create a unique-looking floor. Whether that’s stone next to wood, planks bordering herringbone, or terrazzo juxtaposing concrete is only limited by the ambition of the homeowner. Luxury vinyl makes all this possible, and more. 

‘When it comes to creating a cohesive collection like Roots, that takes careful consideration. It’s not just a case of designing a floor in isolation. You would end up with floors that don’t gel and can’t be used together. When we created the terrazzo look of Fiastra we didn’t just take a random sample and recreate it. We saw terrazzo in conjunction with our wood and stone floors, balancing tones so that they can work together.

‘The same goes for concrete effects like Azuriet, the coloured tiles of Mattina and our wide range of wood designs. With oak, walnut and maple, warm and rustic grains packed full of character for clean and minimal looks, and colours in every shade – these wood designs come in plank and herringbone for design freedom. Whether homeowners simply want the look of a wood or concrete, or are looking to explore material and design combinations, Moduleo Roots has something unique to match their personal taste.’

Moduleo floors are designed entirely in-house and manufactured in Moduleo’s factory, which uses renewable energy from three on-site wind turbines. It also uses free cooling to consume less energy when manufacturing Moduleo. Every floor also features at least 30% content from internal production waste that is reprocessed at Moduleo’s own facility, the industry’s largest of its kind.


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