Furniture prices fall again

Furniture retailers cut their prices once again in May as deflation stretched into the firth month.

Prices for household furniture were 2.7% lower in May (compared with a drop on 2.9% in April). A year ago the CPI rate was a rise of 8.2%, according to ONS.

Garden furniture again showed the most significant price cuts as retailers feared being left with large quantities of stock thanks to the unseasonal weather. Prices fell by 22.4%.

Lighting saw a return to inflation as prices were 0.5% higher than a years ago and compared with April’s fall of 2%.

Household textiles saw prices rise by 1.3%, fuelled by a 2.9% increase in furnishing fabrics and curtains and table linen and bathroom linen reversing April’s 1.2% deflation to record a rise of 1.4%.


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