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Arighi Bianchi and Flooring UK swell recycling efforts

ABArighi Bianchi and Flooring UK are among the latest retailers to join recycling scheme Carpet Recycling UK.

Arighi Bianchi teamed up with Anglo Recycling, a member of Carpet Recycling UK, to explore options for material recovery from fitting offcuts. The result was Crumbwool underlay made by Anglo from recycled carpet fibres plus rubber granules from recycled tyres. Crumbwool underlay is promoted in store to consumers as 'the best experience you will never see.'

Neville Hinchliffe, Arighi Bianchi flooring department manager says he has been pleased with this new service provided by Anglo which not only saves money on previous waste disposal of offcuts, but ensures that materials are reused providing sustainability for the future.

Flooring UK has been trying to recycle for more than two decades. is a long established family run business serving Southport and Merseyside since 1947, and now Cheshire with the new Warrington superstore. MD of Flooring UK says "

'We have been pushing to recycle carpet and underlay for 20 years since visiting US in 1993 and seeing recycling of carpet fibres in action,' says Chris Latham, Flooring UK md.

Flooring UK teamed up with Edward Clay and now ensures that carpet fibres can be extracted from clean identified offcuts and reused in felts for industry.

Around 25 tonnes will be recycled this year reducing the burden on rapidly depleting landfill resources, and helping reduce landfill disposal costs.

'After many years of trying to get carpet offcuts recycled economically we are grateful to John Clay for the collection service provided, helping us to move rapidly towards zero waste to landfill this year,' says Latham.