MDW: Design Variations from Woak

Woak looked to dualism and a convergence of new manufacturing technologies and traditional woodworking at its Viale Gorizia showroom.

This saw new products designed by Constance Guisset, DWA, Marta Ayala Herrera, /àr-o/ studio and Zaven.

Dualism is the distinguishing element of all of the pieces created by the Bosnian firm specialising in the creation of wood furnishings. The essence of the brand is its multifaceted, diverse origins: Woak draws on skills and techniques from various cultures, bringing woodworking traditions together with international designers and innovative materials and manufacturing processes.

Designed by /àr-o/ studio, the Milan-based creative duo which is Woak’s art directors, the space enchants with vibrant colours and rhythmic patterns, using similarities and differences to highlight the company’s special bond with its chosen material, wood

The Rudi stool, designed by Zaven, sees the seat, in high-back and low-back versions, put the accent on the beauty of the raw material: solid oak that seems sculpted with simple, clean lines. A familiar object with a minimalist aesthetic based on a few interlocking geometric elements – rectangular backrest and legs and round seat – are joined together in meticulous yet primitive harmony.

‘Working and shaping wood is always a unique experience,’ says Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno of Zaven, collaborating with the brand for the first time. ‘We can define and mould it to create sculptural objects with unique textures. With Woak we jumped at the chance to use solid wood to construct elements that lend character to the space like little works of architecture – strong, solid and functional.’


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