MDW: Rug Society sees trio of debut designs

Rug Society used Salone to unveil a trio of new designs.

With a graceful interplay of lines and beige hues that evoke a tranquil sense of warmth and contentment, the Blush rug (pictured) captures the essence of pure happiness with exquisite finesse. Soft tones of beige and gold interweave seamlessly, creating a rug of unparalleled beauty, hand-tufted in regenerated nylon. This rug embodies both gentleness and sophistication, offering a timeless elegance to any space.

Nuance embraces an array of shifting hues and tones and a irregular shape that exudes artistic flair. Designed to infuse both comfort and elegance into any space, the beige, black, and gold tones intertwine seamlessly, enhancing the ambiance with a touch of sophistication.

Taupe reveals a delicate, face-like silhouette, a testament to the peaceful elegance inherent in its minimalist design. Hand-tufted using a combination of regenerated nylon, botanical silk, and a splash of copper lurex lines for a metallic look, taupe radiates a sophisticated charm and polished grace.


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