A host of display options accompany a revised collection

The made-to-order Laminate Beach House is designed to make the new laminate collection stand out even more. Measuring nearly 3.5m wide and 2m deep, the walk-in experience highlights the collection beautifully and gives a fantastic opportunity to maximise the sales potential of its high quality and unique reasons to buy. 

‘With the launch of the new laminate collection, we’re making it easier for customers to choose a natural-effect floor that meets functional, style and budgetary needs in every room of their home. We also wanted to make it easy to silently tell this message in-store, and our new standard displays and Laminate Beach House achieve exactly this. They provide the scope for customisation to suit the needs of every store, while fully taking advantage of the new collection’s improved choice,’ says Scott Arundell, BerryAlloc sales director. 

Alongside the in-store display options, BerryAlloc also provides sample boards, brochures, strapsets and a DIY concept for the new laminate collection. 

To make sure retailers can enjoy the full potential of its reinvigorated laminate flooring collection, BerryAlloc has developed a wide range of standard and store-optimised displays. With the update to the collection,

BerryAlloc has given consumers a choice of 50 natural and authentic wood looks, 15 of which are shared across Ocean+, Chateau and Connect. The result is a laminate collection focused on choice and including 100% water-resistant floors, herringbone and affordable styles. 

To make the most of this new collection, the Belgian manufacturer has introduced a range of display options. Topcards designed to have real stopping-power, inspirational pictures and clear communication of the unique buying reasons sit with full plank displays and updated toaster racks to create a customisable display for every store. 

Alongside individual toaster racks, the standard display concept is available in three packages, starting with a single long plank display and toaster and ranging up to a single plank display and three toasters. Each version of the concept includes top and side cards to catch the attention of customers. The standard displays are flexible and can be arranged in multiple ways to fit with individual store layouts. 

Visit: www.berryalloc.com


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