Agostino Moroso: 1930-2024

Agostino Moroso, Moroso co-founder has died just weeks after his wife. He was 93.

Diana Mansutti died on 25 March, aged 89.

A tenacious and forward-thinking entrepreneur, father of Patrizia and Roberto, Agostino was an inspiration for generations of workers, employees and collaborators. He was an undisputed protagonist of Italian furniture design on a global level and of industrial development in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

Born in Tricesimo – in the province of Udine – on 28 August 1930, the last of six children, Agostino began working at a very young age as an employee in an upholstery shop. At the dawn of the 1950s, after the turmoil and destruction of WW2, Italy was rising from its ashes and the demand for quality furniture was high. In 1952, at the age of barely 22, he rose to the challenge and founded his own upholstery workshop with his very young wife Diana.

The new company immediately revealed itself as a lively, joyful atelier where high-quality sofas and armchairs were manufactured and new production techniques were experimented. Agostino’s and Diana’s endeavour soon became the dream of an entire industrious community and transformed a small artisan workshop into a small-medium enterprise.

At a time when so many chose to seek their fortune in North America, Agostino’s brave choice to stay bore witness to his – and Diana’s – deep bond with their land, with Tricesimo and the whole of Friuli. Moroso’s history is one of connection with its founder’s roots, cherished and nurtured in the direct and personal relationships with people, and of a commitment that was never forgotten, not even – and especially so – when Moroso eventually stepped onto the international design arena.

Ever true to his rigorous entrepreneurial spirit, Agostino has devoted his entire life and intelligence to his company, leading it along a path marked by a constant search for excellence and an ethical culture of respect, honesty and transparency. This legacy, carried forward by Roberto and Patrizia, is a beacon for future generations who will face the challenges brought about by major global changes.

In 2021, the town of Tavagnacco granted Agostino Moroso honorary citizenship, recognising his merits and the value of his lifelong dedication and love for his land.

His funeral will take place on 27 June at 3pm at Tricesimo Cathedral.


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