Breasley to rebrand offer

Mattress producer Breasley is to rebrand its offer. The company is to switch to the Uno brand for its 2023/2024 collection. ‘The collection will consist of new fabrics and design specifications that further enhance the quality and feel of our products, making them even more competitive and more desirable for consumers. Simplifying our product range under one brand was common sense really as it gives us the springboard to create a stable collection of products that our customers can move forward with, knowing that we are providing the best quality and competitively priced products for their needs,’ says Mark Hughes, Breasley sales director. ‘The new brand launch signals months of research and development within the business and comes at an exciting time. Not only does it bring an easier to understand, yet wide range, but it also gives us the opportunity to create a more exciting look and feel as we head towards the end of 2023 and springboard into 2024.’ The move comes after significant investment in its manufacturing capabilities and winning a Which? Best Buy recommendation.


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