Carpet Foundation to debut online home interest titles campaign

The Carpet Foundation is set to launch an online advertising campaign which will see 1.5m advertisements appear over a ten-week period. 

The £20,000 campaign kicks off at the beginning of March and will run for three weeks and will then return in May and the Autumn.

The objective is to promote Carpet Foundation independent retailers as the people to buy carpet from. Four leading home interest magazine websites will be used:;; and

There are four different advertisements, which utilise and simple yet strong messages: Before you choose your carpet, choose one of our experts; The first step in choosing your new carpet; Where you buy your new carpet is as important as what you buy and The only carpet retailers with an approved Code of Practice. The advertisements direct consumers to the Carpet Foundation website.

The campaign is highly targeted and the advertisements will run on all the news pages of the four websites. In addition, the advertisements will be placed around keywords like flooring, carpet and design ideas to provide further focus. Using all standard digital formats, the campaign is bolstered by 500,000 ‘Big-Top’ ads. 



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