Drive sales: Maximising conversion rates is key

‘Focusing on each customer who walks through the shop door has never been more important. Maximising every sale is vital. With lower footfall in stores, increasing the average order value is key. Protect-A-Bed has continuously helped retail partners significantly grow sales,’ says Gowsh Shan, Protect-A-Bed national sales manager.

‘As a business we are constantly looking to help drive sales for all of our retail partners. Product innovation is one small element of how we unlock greater sales. The Therapeutics ranges featuring copper, graphene and charcoal mattress protectors have already been a great success. Supporting our innovative mattress protectors is our specialist sales training, which is vital to unlock the sales potential. Our Protect-A-Bed team is incredibly adaptive to support this in any retail environment, driving attachment rates to more than 70%.


‘We support this training through a bespoke reward system through the Protect-A-Bed Platinum Club. The Platinum Club has been running consistently for multiple years now and the results have been excellent. Both existing and new partners have joined and are benefiting from the focused approach and rewards for growing sales.

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‘The Platinum Club has been designed to build, recognise and reward success with unique promotional and discount opportunities, sponsored incentives and tailored POS solutions as well as membership rewards.

‘Our ability to upskill your team and increase revenue by maximising every sales opportunity is well known. We can manage every step of the process for you and build a reward scheme through the Protect-A-Bed Platinum Club.’

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