Foot on the pedal: Tamara Härty on exclusivity proving to be a winning move

‘himolla was very warmly welcomed in Birmingham at JFS. We are grateful for this reception and we hope to replicate this lovely experience in the upcoming years,’ says Tamara Härty, himolla head of product, design and marketing.

‘We were delighted with the numerous positive responsesand the pleasant conversations with customers and guests.

‘himolla’s renown is right up there with the top manufacturers and it is getting better because we are charging ahead and keeping our foot on the pedal with distinctive marketing activities, furniture shows and chic contemporary and bespoke products strictly for the UK market.

‘We are determined to put UK customers right in the centre and this has been established and proven for some time now. We have established a well-proven support structure in the UK and Ireland with most capable partners who are committed to the brand. At JFS buyers were able to source from some of the very best innovative furniture on offer and the most stylish interior accessories at the himolla stand: a nice place to be and the perfect spot to get to know products and sales team.

‘himolla has a long and traditional presence in the UK, and as a German company it was initially perceived as rather conventional design. However, with the onset of Covid-19 bringing about a forced pause and a pivot point, himolla accepted the challenge to prove in the UK that its Mission Transformation is bearing real fruit with products that are nice to look at and to sit in.

‘For this purpose, a fresh and bold innovative stand was planned and built for the show. The shown line-up was strictly designed for the British market, featuring high-quality leather, fantastic fabrics and surprising features. It is imperative for us to earn your trust, keep in touch and be a real partner you can lean on. No nonsense, no compromises in support, service and quality. Our products are carefully developed and crafted for sensible customers for long-term use. We would like to see our products as trusted family friends who will never yield. Our success is your success.

‘himolla at JFS stirred up emotions and pleasantly surprised UK visitors and customers. What a way, carrying the himolla brand into the world.’


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