Greendale announce they have set up a ‘working party’ for their charity work. 

Greendale Carpet & Flooring members are family run businesses that sit at the heart of their communities. The vast majority of Greendale members are long established within their towns and cities and have provided great service to their local customer base. 

It’s these traits that have encouraged and attracted new members to the group over a number of years. The ‘not for profit’ mutual trading status of Greendale itself, means that the group is always looking to ‘give back’, whether that is to their members (who own the group) or to local communities in projects to help the less fortunate. 

In 2023, Greendale took on a number of projects in their local community in Hereford and across the wider UK. 

Greendale partnered with The Salvation Army and collaborated to make use of roll ends and discontinued carpet at their Hereford warehouse. These carpets were taken around the country and used in projects to help solve furniture poverty (of which carpet/flooring is a part). 

To date Greendale has sent in excess of £30,000 (retail value) of carpet into the homes of those unable to carpet their own homes. This included one family who had not had carpet for 17 years!

Greendale also donated discontinued carpets to a number of local hospices. These samples were sold on as doormats, car mats, for gardening, etc and it is estimated that over £2,000 has been raised so far. The intention for 2024 is to seek out even more hospices. 

In the Autumn, the group had an in-house exercise on using stock more efficiently. Upon meeting the target, the group made a donation to Hereford Food Bank, to ensure that more families could enjoy a family Christmas dinner. 

“There is more to Greendale than just being a buying group.” Said Eamonn Prescott, Chief Executive of Greendale. “Our stores are at the heart of their communities and have served those communities for many years. As a group, we realise the importance of giving back to communities and that is why these projects have been so important to us. It defines who we are as a group.”  

They will be shortly be announcing projects they are supporting in 2024.


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