JFS: Saying hello to Poom

Polish garden furniture manufacturer Poom made its debut into the UK market at JFS and the first day was encouraging with several orders secured. 

‘We do well in Europe: Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. Today is out first contact with British customers and we were a little nervous. But everyone has been lovely, especially about the quality of our ash wood,’ says Marion Wiodkowski, Poom sales director. 

Poom (think of the word upside down and reversed) was founded around a decade ago, specialising in cushions and textiles, but expanded into garden furniture during the pandemic. 

The look is cool and minimalist: the mid-century modern inspired Ribbon set has been awarded a Design Award by the Polish Ministry of Culture. But the range attracting most interest on the first day of JFS was the just-launched Fresco, with its modular side sofa, colour popping cushions and clean, fresh vibe.


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