Karl Lagerfeld makes furniture and home move

Four years after his death a Karl Lagerfeld Maison collection is being launched.

The initial products reflect the late fashion designer’s love of Bauhaus and Art Deco and have been created by Matteo Nunziati.

‘We felt that Matteo very much understood where Karl was coming from in his favouring of these two periods and the different places, and it felt like he can translate this very naturally in a furniture collection that catches your eye immediately,’ says Pier Paolo Righi, Karl Lagerfeld ceo.

A new guest designer will be invited each season.

The furniture groups are named after Lagerfeld’s favourite neighbourhoods in Paris. 

‘The starting point really was, what would an apartment look like that Karl would feel great to live in?’ says Righi. ‘It is a very luxurious positioning, something that Karl would have loved and liked to have in his home, we believe.’

Karl Lagerfeld Maison is produced under license by The One Design, a recently created entity headed by a group of investors who are longtime experts in the production and distribution of Italian luxury furniture and run by Lorenzo Marconi, SCIC Italia ceo.

The collection is aimed firmly at the top-end, the Saint-Germain sofa for example costs €23,000. 

‘I would not exclude that at some point we might do something much more in the accessible part, as Karl also reached from luxury to accessible, but as a starting point, it feels right to go from that end,’ says Righi.

The collection is being debuted at Salone officially from Tuesday.

KL Saint Germain Living 224


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