Kenbro gets green light for flats development

Southend flooring retailer Kenbro has secured planning permission to demolish its store and warehouse to build 34 flats.

The plan will also see three retail units constructed on the ground floor, one of which Kenbro intends to use.

‘Kenbro has downsized the store, still in the same location, and condensed all the stock down and is still open. The land has not been sold yet to any developer and the plan for the company is to relocate only for a while – 18-24 months – when the time is correct, whilst redevelopment takes place with three large new retail units and then return to the original Kenbro site,’ says Tony Mason, Kenbro owner.

‘Retail has changed a lot over the years and a lot of companies have downsized, we have too. We are working in about half of the shop and it’s a sign of the times. Everything has gone up in costs, and lot of businesses are working from showrooms and do not need such big units. We have a massive name and customer base in Southend, and a nice relationship with many customers.’

The plans will see eight one-bedroom, 19 two-bedroom and seven three-bedroom flats built on the Sutton Road site with the two-storey building replaced by a three and four storey-building.

Image: Google.



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