Kirsikankukka re-issue pays tribute to Artek co-founder Aino Aalto

Artek and Danish home textiles brand Tekla have combined to pay tribute to Aino Aalto, co-founder of the Finish furniture brand.

To mark what would have been her 130th birthday, a limited edition collection of bed linen featuring her Kirsikankukka pattern has been released.

In the 1930s, Aalto met the Japanese ambassador to Finland and his wife, who gave her a gift of silk fabric with a cherry blossom, or ‘kirsikankukka’ in Finnish. Inspired by the design, Aalto created the Kirsikankukka pattern as an homage to Japanese art and design. The pattern was part of the standard collection of printed fabrics sold at Artek, used in interior design projects or for upholstering.

The limited bedding collection features a scaled version of the Kirsikankukka motif, printed across Tekla’s Winter White, Island Blue and Mallow Pink colourways. The minimal, almost abstract suggestion of a flower, which differed from the more decorative depictions common at the time, complements Tekla’s clear design expression. In addition, childrens’ bedding is available for the first time, featuring the same graphic print and inspired by a baby bed made by Aalto.

‘In Aino Aalto’s quest to create beauty for the everyday, she viewed patterns and textiles as not just a decorative layer, but an integral part of the home’s interior. We are thrilled that Tekla has respectfully applied her cherry blossom pattern onto the home textiles with which we are likely to spend the most time – comfortable, quality bedding,’ says Marianne Goebl, Artek md.

‘Tekla has long taken inspiration from the functionality and form of modernist design, notably Aino and Alvar Aalto’s architecture and interiors. Honouring Aino Aalto’s unique contribution to Artek has been of significant importance with this collection. We’re proud to highlight her legacy while celebrating our shared values of craftsmanship and longevity,’ says Charlie Hedin, Tekla founder and creative director.


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