MFS gets green light, but with a twist  

The Manchester Furniture Show will take place in July, with but a significant difference.

The show will relocate to Harrogate and take place alongside the Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival from 18-21 July at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

It will also be rebranded as the Manchester Furniture Show in Harrogate..

‘The decision was made to further strengthen the Manchester Furniture Show,to give you the opportunity to meet over 10,000 buyers across four days and be co-located with a show celebrating its 60th anniversary,’ exhibitors were told by organiser Clarion Events.

‘The July Furniture Show will have its own entrances with a separate registration process. The show will be situated across four halls. All buyers will be invited as normal and exhibitors will also benefit from the wealth of specialist interiors buyers that Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival attracts.’ 



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