Naked promotes built for life message

Kitchen retailer Naked Kitchens has debuted a Built for Life advertising campaign promoting that kitchens should be built to handle all that life throws at them.

From dog enthusiasts and plant-lovers to artists and even a pilot each advertisement showcases a series of kitchens at their most extreme.

Produced in-house using no CGI, the campaign was shot in under six weeks from the Naked Kitchen showroom and factory, the hangar of a former RAF aerodrome built more than 70 years ago in Norfolk. As part of the new creatives a de Havilland Vampire jet fighter with a wingspan of 12m and over three tonnes in weight, was hung from the ceiling.

‘We strongly believe kitchens are the backdrop to life’s ups and downs and everything in between so we’re incredibly proud of this campaign and hope it inspires and reminds people that creating something utterly unique and built to last decades doesn’t have to be a pipedream,’ says Jayne Everett, Naked Kitchens founder.

The campaign coincides with a new website which will deliver an improved user experience for visitors. The website provides clear information about the Naked Kitchens offering, including free design consultations and offer a personalised journey for its customers with clear step-by-step guides to make the process make it simpler.



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