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Nick Williams on looking to appeal to consumers keen to avoid their bed going to landfill

For Sweet Dreams its National Bed Month focus is on Landmark, its responsibly sourced bed range with eco-friendly sustainable material which is recyclable at the end of life.

‘New research shows an overwhelming number of mattress shoppers would pay more if they knew the mattress would not end up in landfill. A National Bed Federation survey found that almost three-quarters would pay more if they knew it had been designed and constructed in such a way without it ending up in landfill at the end of its life. Landmark is aimed at those consumers,’ says Nick Williams, Sweet Dreams sales manager.

The survey of 1,000 people who have recently bought a mattress or bed found that 29% would pay 5% more; 38% would pay 6%-10% extra and 19% said they would pay 11%-15% more. The average extra they would be prepared to pay was just under 10% more.

‘With this view in mind we have launched Landmark, which will comfortably fit into retailers’ mid-range portfolio and give them a six-model range of beds with a good/better/best offer including Ortho Open Coil, 1,000 pocket and 2,000 pocket.

‘Landmark bases are eco-friendly and have been designed with sustainable materials that are fully recyclable at the end of life. Fabrics are made from recyclable bottles and the base and headboard timber is fully FSC-certified.

‘A fully motorised ottoman has also been introduced into this range, along with standard platform and sprung-edge divan bases featuring drawers and standard ottomans.

‘The Landmark Verdi mattress range comprises six beds featuring foam-free fillings and sleep surfaces made from eco-friendly sustainable fabrics.’

Fillings include Platinum, free from chemicals with sustainability at the forefront and 100% recyclable at the end of life. The mattresses feature a coordinated border manufactured from the same fabric as the bases, giving the bed a luxurious look and feel.

‘We are seeing great things coming through in what is a challenging market. The mattresses are super comfy and the divans afford a level of luxury rarely seen in this price range. With National Bed Month in mind we are offering a significant floor display discount along with continuing promotions across the range,’ says Williams.


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