Salone: Syren calling

The centrepiece of Frag’s new collection saw Oscar and Gabriele Buratti revive last year’s successful collaboration that highlights Frag’s wealth of experience in working with leather and saddle leather.

Syren is an armchair that offers a plush and lightweight harmony. The all-metal tubular frame supports the wide saddle leather band that wraps around and envelops the chair. The comfort comes from a single voluminous cushion structure with a dominant visual presence.

The back and armrests meanwhile are soft, mobile cushions that adjust to the body to provide comfort. The metal frame offers a contrast with its light weight and subtle profiles.

Syren takes aesthetic inspiration from the past and precision quality from the present. Its character is revealed in the small details and finishes: the metallic frame painted black, easy on the eyes but solid to the touch, supporting the saddle leather strip and cradling the sitting cushion, backrests and armrests, available in all types of leather and fabrics in the Frag catalogue. 

Frag Syren armchair Oscar e Gabriele Buratti 7


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