Sedus completes €21m production boost

Home office and office furniture manufacturer Sedus has completed its two-year €21m production expansion.

Increased demand for sustainable home office and office furniture had seen the company’s production site at Geseke, East Westphalia, Germany reach capacity at its Futura 1 facility, which was completed in 2012. Futura 2 will see a cut in lead times and increased capacity for future growth.

‘The interaction between the Futura 1 and Futura 2 systems and the assembly departments is running smoothly. In total, Sedus has a capacity for 33,000 wooden components between the two plants, working a five-day week with a possible three-shift operation. And importantly, the new production line also reduces the workload of the Futura 1 plant and thus makes a decisive contribution to raising the adherence to delivery dates to Sedus’ usual target level in the face of the increased turnover of the past two years,’ says Daniel Werhahn, Sedus Systems md.

With the new production line, additional capacities are being built up to be able to meet workload peaks more quickly, says Daniel Kittner, spokesman for parent Sedus Stoll. ‘The automated panel cutting process reduces throughput times and significantly speeds up production processes. A total of around 9,500sqm of extended production and storage halls have been built in Geseke over the past two years. This investment is the largest single investment in the history of Sedus Stoll.’

Sedus home interior


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