Shoppers want to protect their purchases

‘With the UK economy feeling the pinch at the moment with the ongoing sting of inflation, it might be expected that retailers looking to sell furniture protection plans are facing consumer resistance.

However, the sector is firmly rebuffing this expectation and insurance plan attachment rates remain very strong. Consumers recognise they need to protect their hard-earned cash more than ever and are spending it in a more considered way, which is why protecting their investments is at the front of their minds when it comes to purchasing new furniture,’ says Lyndon Willshire, Guardsman commercial director.

‘Consumers want peace of mind that should an accident happen, such as a spillage or the family pet deciding the item of furniture would make a tasty meal, they are fully protected with no additional outlay or excess payment required. Even if the furniture cannot be repaired or cleaned, the insurance plan will ensure that either a partial or full replacement is provided. So, as we head towards the festive season with the likelihood of customers wanting to take delivery prior to Christmas, it’s even more important to give them the option of purchasing a furniture protection plan to protect not only their investment but also their pockets from expensive cleaning or repair work.’

‘Accidents happen, but luckily for customers who purchase a Guardsman furniture protection plan through a trusted retailer, they will benefit from a repair and cleaning network comprised of the best of the best. In August 2023, our stain removal network Safeclean topped its best performance by fixing 88% of the claims on stains on the first visit,’ says Zeyn Kassam, Guardsman head of sales and business development.

‘Every claim goes through an expert triage process to ensure the correct outcome is achieved. The technician will go into the customer’s home fully briefed on the problem at hand, with the tools and equipment to resolve the problem first time. The customer is not only benefiting from their expertise with this first-time fix, they are not having their day disrupted again with a technician making a return visit sometime in the future. In turn, this reduces the number of journeys each technician does, which as we know reduces the environmental impact – so everybody benefits.’

‘Working with Guardsman will not only provide additional revenue for retailers but also gives customers that extra reassurance that they have made a wise investment by protecting their furniture against unforeseen accidents. You provide beautiful furniture, we protect it and your brand reputation, and your customer walks away happy,’ says Willshire.




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