Sleepsense international partners with Millbrook Beds to launch luxurious wool bedding collection

Sleepsense International, has today announced its partnership with Millbrook Beds, a brand known for its commitment to tradition and quality. This collaboration introduces a range of wool bedding products, including the Millbrook Wool 4-seasons Duvet and 100% British Wool Pillow.

Wool has long been recognized for its exceptional properties and benefits in promoting a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience. As a natural protein fibre sourced from millions of sheep worldwide, wool offers a myriad of advantages that make it an ideal choice for bedding:

  1. Natural and Biodegradable: Wool is a natural and renewable resource, making it environmentally friendly and biodegradable, supporting sustainability efforts.
  2. Breathable and Responsive: The unique structure of wool fibres allows for excellent breathability, keeping sleepers comfortable throughout the night. It also reacts to the body’s temperature, providing optimal thermal regulation.
  3. Static Resistant and Anti-Wrinkle: Wool’s inherent properties make it resistant to static electricity and wrinkle formation, ensuring a neat and static-free appearance.
  4. Easy to Clean: Wool is easy to maintain and clean, thanks to its natural resistance to dirt and stains. Regular airing and light spot cleaning can keep the bedding fresh and hygienic.

The Millbrook Beds Wool 4-seasons Duvet and Wool Pillow showcase the craftsmanship and heritage that both Sleepsense International and Millbrook Beds are renowned for. Millbrook Beds exclusively manufacture using only locally sourced Hampshire wool, paying homage to their history and dedication to supporting local communities. Millbrook Beds iconic black tuft reflects the distinctive black faces of Hampshire Down sheep, this unique looks is then incorporated into the distinctive black trim on both the 4 Seasons Duvet and Wool Pillow.

“We are thrilled to partner with Millbrook Beds to introduce our new wool bedding collection,” said Mike Hobson, CEO of Sleepsense International. “The Millbrook Wool 4-seasons Duvet and Wool Pillow embody the natural comfort and exquisite craftsmanship that our customers expect from us. Together, we aim to provide a sleep experience that combines heritage, sustainability, and unparalleled quality.”

Ross Thurston, Sales & Marketing Director of Millbrook Beds, added, “At Millbrook Beds, we have a deep-rooted commitment to using local Hampshire wool, and our partnership with Sleepsense International highlights the elegance and sumptuous qualities of our bed collections. Together, we invite customers to experience the luxury of sleeping in our beautifully created handmade beds.”


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