Sofa Factory plans for the future

Sofa factory has grown over the last few years with both groups and many more independent retailers joining our customer list. Our core values of design, quality, service and speed of delivery has been the catalyst for the dramatic increase in our customer base and we work tirelessly to maintain these values. 

This year completed our 2nd NEC exhibition where we launched 11 new models and variants. These were targeted at 2 sectors of the market where we see the industry getting stronger over the next few years. Everyday value and designer groups with more luxurious fabrics, these new models were received well and are already generating great repeat business. We are constantly strengthening our Independent market share and with more models coming out later this year, we hope to continue to grow by supporting our retail partners. 

Sustainability is another core value we hold very high on our list and it is fast becoming a major element of any business, in particularly within the furniture industry. This is a trend that we expect to see grow throughout the industry across 2023 and we take the sustainability of our products and factory extremely seriously, we are always looking for ways to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. 

We are delighted to announce that we have just commissioned a roof mounted solar panel system for our factory in Gateshead. This initiative will use the solar panels to reduce our energy costs and help ensure that our manufacturing operations in Gateshead are efficient, sustainable and competitive.

Phase 1 of 3 parts of the installation will cover approximately a third of the roof which will equate to 32,000 sq feet of solar panels, which will generate enough electricity to run the upholstery factory and offices Alone.

This £750,000 investment, will reduce our carbon footprint for years to come and secure our energy cost during this time of spiking power costs and uncertainty which has a direct effect on the cost of our products.

At Sofa Factory, every item of furniture is hand-made in our UK factory and undergoes inspection at every stage of production to ensure our customers receive the highest quality finish possible across our sofas, sofabeds and accent chairs. We are proud to be able to say that we are a UK based company making a UK based product, as well as being able to continuously invest in our growth and bring us closer to our stainability goals.



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