Strength to strength

Shire Beds is celebrating more than a quarter of a century of innovative British furniture manufacturing.

A British success story, the company started as a cottage industry in 1997 and has become a multi award-winning British brand, winning the NBF Bed Product of the Year in 2021 and The Furniture Awards Best of British trophy in 2022. It’s a family business that’s built on strong British values: if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

With this basic principle at the core of its manufacturing, Shire Beds has continued to go from strength to strength.

Its bestselling products have seen huge sales uplift this year. The Shire Artisan collection answers the call of the company’s retailers seeking to maximise margin while still offering customers a top-quality product. The cream of this range has proved to be Picasso. The Picasso is a luxurious selection of handmade mattresses that combine the comfort of memory foam with the temperature-control capabilities of cooling gel. The products are available in pocket spring counts of 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000. Foam encapsulation is added to these layers to increase the useable sleeping surface and give the slumbering occupant a feeling of complete safety, even up to the edge of the bed. The differing spring counts offer the sleeper the choice of feels from softer to firmer.

‘Picasso has been developed to achieve high shop-floor margins comfortably with its cost price, while still being considered good value and below the cost of larger, well-established brands. In this trading environment this is exactly what retailers and end consumers are looking for: quality products at great value,’ says Fara Butt, Shire Beds sales and marketing director.

‘The Signature Range, winner of the NBF Bed Product of the Year 2021, is a high quality, high specification, handcrafted, hand-stitched mattress collection that has also achieved excellent sales. The high-spec mattresses are a logical evelopment for Shire Beds. As a company we have seen tremendous success in the mid-market with the Artisan collection and the award-nominated Constable.

‘The New Spectrum Range offers great value in these very challenging economic times. Spectrum ensures we are providing products to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. The quality offering in line with eco design principles has elevated the Shire Beds’ brand with a wider range of retailers. Shire Beds has now become FSC certified, and signed the NBF Pledge for the Planet to further our sustainability journey. Shire Beds is a multi-award winning, quality manufacturer that offers added extras of own label, exclusive fabrics and extended guarantee on its eco-designed products, making us a must-have brand in furniture retailing.’

Shire Spectra


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