Tarkett turns to mushrooms to explore sustainability boost

Global flooring brand Tarkett has turned to mushrooms to see if they can boost its sustainability efforts.

Tarkett North America has signed a deal with biotech startup Mycocycle to investigate the use of the root structure of mushrooms to break down building waste. Mycocycle has demonstrated that mycelia consume and eliminate toxins from construction waste, producing a natural bi-product that can be used to reduce reliance on virgin raw materials.

‘This partnership is rooted in a shared investment in the exponential power of collaboration and innovation. Together, we share a commitment to creating a circular economy that protects our natural resources, promotes climate health and sustains every living thing,’ says Eric Daliere, Tarkett North America ceo.

The companies will use Tarkett’s ReStart take-back and recycling program to see what impact the mycelia has on the flooring and how the bi-product can be used in new flooring.

‘Because of its legacy and reputation for transparency, its respect for the importance of third-party verification, and its willingness to invest in innovation, it was clear to me that Tarkett walks the talk. That was important to me,’ says Joanne Rodriguez, Mycocyle founder. ‘My passion for this work—to remediate waste using Mother Nature’s tools—met its match in Tarkett and its people. They are all serious about sustainability and saving our planet.’

‘From this moment forward, we’ll never aim for anything less than zero waste,’ says Roxane Spears, Tarkett North America vice president of sustainability. ‘Collaborating with like-minded people working toward the same goal is the only way our world is going to solve global sustainability issues. This revolutionary partnership could change the game for commercial flooring waste handling for the entire industry, not to mention the planet. This is the future. The future is fungi.’

Pictured from left: Arnaud Marquis, Tarkett Group sustainability officer; Fabrice Barthelemy, Tarkett Group ceo; Joanne Rodriguez, Mycocycle founder; Roxane Spears, Tarket North America vice president of sustainability and Eric Daliere, Tarkett North America ceo.

Image: Tarkett.


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