Tetbury opening for FSW

Flooring contractor James Padden has opened his first brick and mortar store.

Flooring South West has opened on Long Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

‘I was born and raised in the area, this is home to me. It is a beautiful, affluent area, and I think there is a market for my business here. Something that I learnt from a very young age is that the proprietor is the business and that you can’t leave other people to it. I don’t want to be big and corporate and want to stay heavily involved in everything I do,’ he says.

‘A lot of what I do is high end, it is luxury. The most expensive carpet I have is £330per square metre. Finding flooring which is decently made is really important, there are so many carpets nowadays that look rubbish after three years. I think customer service is absolutely essential because that is what spreads a good name.’ 

Image: James Padden/Facebook


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