Wilton invests £1m

Carpet manufacturer Wilton Carpets has invested £1m in its Wiltshire factory.

The company is replacing a number of traditional looms with technologically advanced axminster weaving machinery, which will boost efficiency and output while reducing waste and energy.

Wilton Carpets is enjoying a full order book with demand soaring as its customers favour the assurance of its British-produced carpet over import uncertainty, particularly for date-critical projects. By using an increasing quantity of domestically-sourced raw materials in its supply chain, the business aims to service customer demand for enduring quality carpet made with short lead-times, a lower carbon footprint, and delivery certainty.

‘This investment follows on from the commitment made six years ago when we installed the first pilot high speed loom so we are backing known technology. But the returns are not just about efficiency and productivity – the investment also reflects the confidence felt in the management and staff at Wilton whose hard work and dedication will make this commitment truly transformational,’ says Alan Whittle, Wilton Carpets sales and marketing director.

Wilton Carpets 22


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