Winning together: The latest software unites retail and brands to drive sales

HomeDecoHub, a 3D interior visualisation platform, is surging in popularity within the UK furniture retail and interior design markets.

‘Backed by 40 years of business experience, HomeDecoHub is essential for today’s furniture retailers. The platform connects brands and retailers, offering user-friendly 3D tools, a comprehensive library of configurable 3D brand collections, and up-to-date product data, all designed to achieve mutual sales success,’ says Katie Marshall, owner of Bluebird Agents & Consultancy, which oversees the platform in the UK market.


‘As experiential shopping becomes crucial, retailers seek ways to enhance the in-store experience, making it personal, unique, and nurturing. HomeDecoHub is key in this transformation. The platform enables retailers or designers to quickly plan and visualise a customer’s home to true-to-life scale. Retailers can then place branded products, such as a corner sofa from brand X; a cabinet from brand Y and dining furniture from brand Z into the plan. These can then sit alongside wallcoverings, rugs, flooring and furnishings to complete the interior: all from existing brands and collections.

‘This planning process, which takes minutes, bridges the imagination gap consumers often face. By providing realistic, to-scale visuals, we build consumer confidence, eliminating concerns about fit or aesthetics and encouraging purchases.’

Marshall says industry results show conversion rates reach 70%-80% when using the platform, with average transaction levels also significantly increasing. ‘The benefits extend beyond retailers to manufacturing brands. Increased sales conversions are just the beginning. The platform reduces ordering mistakes, returns and associated service costs.’

Trials with leading UK furniture retailers are set to begin soon, and for furniture and home furnishing brands having their brand on the platform will expand their reach within these retailers, she says.

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‘As an agency and conduit between retailers and manufacturers, what I love about HomeDecoHub is that it benefits all parties involved. Consumers enjoy a more nurturing in-store experience and make well-informed decisions. Manufacturers and retailers benefit from increased sales and reduced service costs. I believe all UK agents should prioritise onboarding their brands onto the platform, a process made simple with our assistance. For furniture manufacturers, this should be a top priority.

‘The future of furniture retail lies in the in-store experience, and HomeDecoHub is a crucial ally in this evolution. For a limited time we are offering free onboarding for both retailers/designers and manufacturers to the platform. Please get in touch with Bluebird Agents who will happily talk you through the platform.’

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