CBI urges re-opening plan

The CBI has urged the government to work with retailers as to reopen the economy.

The organisation has highlighted six elements that will help businesses plan for a relaxation of restrictions as retailers anticipate the end of lockdown across the country.

The CBI says any re-opening date should be informed by health statistics, but it says the government must confirm ‘what will be considered low, medium or high-risk economic activity, so that businesses can understand what will open sooner or later.’

It says there would need to be a decision about whether to return to a tiering system and ‘what will now be permitted under each tier as more people become vaccinated.’

It is essential to identify and understand the conditions that need to be met before lifting restrictions and ‘ultimately the need for social distancing,’ it says.

‘We believe there are strong arguments for phase two of the roll-out being done in a way that maximises the safe re-opening of the economy, such as prioritising key enablers like schools, transport, and other key public services,’ it says. 

It also called on the government to think about how regular mass rapid testing in the community and workplaces could allow a wider, speedier reopening of the economy.

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