Dreams scores gaming hit

Dreams has seen initial sales of its first gaming bed more than double what it had forecast.

Research among 15,000 people for Dreams found that gamers were increasingly choosing their bed as a comfortable place to play. More than one in ten (12%) now prefer to game in bed, with those doing so spending an estimated one hour and 45 minutes gaming in bed every month.

‘We’re delighted that the early signs suggest gamers love The Drift bed as much as we do It’s already our best-selling TV and tech bed and we’ve sold double the number of beds against our original forecast. We’ve also seen a huge amount of interest online – an engagement rate of 7,000 on social and almost 4,000 visits to the website,’ says Paul Solly, Dreams cco.

‘Since the pandemic, our beds have become a place for so much more than sleep. There are over 40 million gamers in the UK and increasingly gaming is something many of them are enjoying from the comfort of their bed. So it made total sense to us that a gaming bed should feature in our portfolio.’

The Drift is available in three finishes, all with LED lights.

Prices start at £1,799 for a small double. Beds come with a standard 32in TV with the option to upgrade to a larger screen.



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