FFD: Colour is key

The message from Lano at Flanders Flooring Days was colour is back in a big way and quality is behind it.

The Pandemic, global economic worries and supply problems combined to delay the reset of the company’s X Collection, but the delay has proved a major blessing is disguise.

It has given Lano’s production team more time for research and development to further products and to create technologies that are more environmentally friendly: without the delays the products would not be what they are.

The Enzo range (pictured) sees a major boost to colour in the product offer. Enzo Midori is made from a yarn from recycled PET and a recycled backing, which can be jointly recycled without the need for separation.

The backing can also be used to cut the carpet into rugs thanks to its non-fraying characteristics. 

Enzo Fame and Enzo Jade use the same backing but virgin yarn for the carpet.

Other new collections also spoke volumes of the company’s desire to offer colours options unimaginable for the past year dominated by greys.


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