Impress swells MMFA membership

Flooring, furniture and panel decor supplier Impress Surfaces has become the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association’s latest member.

‘With Impress Surfaces, we have an outstanding new member which offers a diverse product portfolio in the area of decorative surfaces. We are particularly excited about its truly global footprint with seven locations around the world and its continuous efforts to minimise the impact on the environment,’ says Matthias Windmöller, MMFA president.

‘We are delighted to be joining the ranks of well-known flooring experts at MMFA. With our global network of trend scouts, we are looking forward to keeping other members up to date on the newest design trends for decorative surfaces based on different needs, cultures and markets,’ says Sascha Kostros, Impress Surfaces head of decor management.

With this addition, MMFA now has 28 ordinary members (producers of MMF flooring or their European representations), 31 associate members (supplier companies) and three supporting members (scientific institutes).



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