Kirkham set for freedom of Doncaster

DFS founder Lord Kirkham is set to be given the freedom of Doncaster.

If City of Doncaster Council votes through the awarding of the Honorary Freeman, it will be the first awarded since Doncaster gained city status.

The decision will be made on 13 July.

‘This is a significant milestone for the City of Doncaster as councillors consider this prestigious accolade which is reserved for those who have shown unwavering dedication and made extraordinary contributions to our community,’ says Ros Jones, mayor of Doncaster.

‘Over the years, Doncaster has seen fit to bestow the honour of The Freedom of the Borough. As our status has now changed, the Freedom of the City award is the highest honour that the council can award to one of its citizens and marks a new chapter in the history of our proud city,’ says cllr Duncan Anderson, City of Doncaster civic mayor.

Kirkham, pictured right, is also Furniture Makers Company president.



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